One Life Kitchen

Pomegranate Cranberry Relish Crostini

It's the holiday season and time for cocktail parties! We have a great recipe for you today. It's quick and simple with Christmas color. It will most certainly impress you holiday guests as it does our guests at One Life Kitchen. Enjoy!!

Baguette Bread is a staple ingredient to many appetizers. You can create so many cocktail topping with baguette bread. Today we are topping ours with cream cheese and a cranberry/pomegranate.

Keeping bite size in mind cut the bread slices to about 1/4-1/2 inch in size. Top the toasted bread with cream cheese. Not only is cream cheese a perfect match to bread it also provides the glue that holds our topping together.

If I had to pick a food that represents the beautiful of the holiday season, it would be cranberries and Pomegranates. Combining the two creates for a perfect appetizer.

The finishing touch to this appetizer is garnishing the crostini. We used basil but there are so many other options to garnishing a crostini including parsley, chives and red crushed pepper to name a few.

I got a little excited and took the picture before adding my garnishing but as you can see this looks and tastes delish! About the only thing that would make this taste even better while eating is a glass of wine in your other hand! If you are looking for some wine options to gift a client, friend or loved one be sure to check out wine club and holiday wine offerings!

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