One Life Kitchen

Soul Nourishment Through Snail Mail

Top 10 Reasons I Send Snail Mail

  1. People getting excited when they see a handwritten envelope.
  2. A birthday is always worth celebrating.
  3. Proud of someone
  4. Encourage someone
  5. Fun way to celebrate a holiday
  6. Miss someone
  7. Mourn with those who mourn
  8. Show gratitude and appreciation
  9. Big Life Moments … weddings, showers, graduations, promotions
  10. No reason at all.. just because!

Top Favorite Local Card Shops:

Top Favorite Online Card Shops

Most of the online card shops above offer a one time 15-25% discount if you sign up for their newsletter/e-mail

Holstee - My very Favorite Card EVER - I even have this as a poster on the wall at One Life Kitchen - Isn't this the truth - Great one life manifesto!
Favorite Card Find of 2020 - Pencil Joy!!
Cards for all occasions - She can be found on Instagram @pencijoy
Can never go wrong buying rifle. They have such a variety of cards for all occasions.
This card comes in a package of 10 and is my go to snail mail card. Great combo being a Cub Fan and Rifle Card Fan all in one. This would make for a great little gift for anyone moving to or from Chicago OR how fun to have this as a card holder with tickets for a day at the friendly confines of beautiful Wrigley Field.

Encouraging you to send cards in 2021 and nourish the soul's of those you love!



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