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Valentine Gift Ideas That He Will Love

What started off as a post on putting together the perfect old fashion romance drink for your guy transpired into me putting together a few more gift ideas for your man this Valentine’s Day. All these guy gift’s I have purchased at some point so I can say they are totally tried and true favs!   

OLD FASHION ROMANCE - A great way for a guy to unwind after a busy day on the job is with a pour of whisky. I highly recommend either the Woodford Reserve or the Basil Hayden. Along with the whisky, purchase him some glassware. Whisky glasses come in a variety of styles from cute and fun to monogram and traditional classic. With this gift idea I would encourage you to really make it a true old fashion and buy the drink accessories. Chicago Style Cube ice …. MUST! (I know sounds crazy buying your man ice but I’m telling you the square ice cube is symbolic to this classic drink). Be sure to also pick-up cherries and orange peel.

WHERE TO SHOP THIS GIFT: Whisky & Accessories can be found at Garfield’s Barrington Whisky Glassware – Fun Look shop Angelina’s Classic and Monogram Glassware shop Williams-Sonoma

MAISON MARGIELA REPLICA JAZZ CLUB - I recently purchased this bottle as a gift. I will tell you the combination of fragrances create a masculine smell that will certainly have you catching the attention of your love. Jazz is described as a scent of heady cocktail and cigars and this bottle and its package is as good looking as the guy who uses it!


FAST & FREE RUN BELT – Hands-down this is really a great buy! Practical and yet stylish. My guys use these when skiing in the mountains, on the Metra to downtown or just running around. Holds just the right amount of your personal belongs while on the go.


THE RIDGE – Remember that Seinfeld episode?? No guy wants a bulky wallet! This compact wallet is stylish and well designed for men of all generations.  


POCKET SQUARES – I personally think pocket squares make a man all the more distinguishable. It’s that extra touch and as we all know the details are found in the accessories. With beautiful patterns of red to go with the valentine theme to classic business colors, there is sure to be a pocket square your man would love to own.

WHERE TO SHOP THIS GIFT: J Hilburn – Maureen Slott

PROVERBS WISDOM – Being an avid reader, I have read so many good books on business and personal growth in my life. At the end of the day, thou this particular book holds all the wisdom one would need to succeed in the game of life. What I love about this book is the design and layout. This company is well aware of the reality that most of us are probably not picking up a bible on a day-to-day basis to read and so it created these individual books as a way to encourage one to pick it up and start reading. Whatever your religious belief, this particular book (Proverbs) makes for a beautiful coffee table book or office table book that your guy can randomly just pick up and read.


ONE LIFE KITCHEN WINE CLUB – Hard to write this one without being bias as I am the business owner of this establishment. We take the guess work out of wine shopping by offering each month three bottles of wine from a specific region of the world that our sommelier has hand selected and sure to please a wine lover. Club membership provides access to monthly recipes that we recommend when pairing food and wine.


VALENTINE CARD – From the romantic to the darn right hilarious a valentine card is a must!

WHERE TO SHOP THIS GIFT: Angelina’s Barrington.

GIFT WRAP – Perhaps I add this because I feel you all need you to find a reason to visit this store. I joke all the time saying I can never contain myself at this store. Seriously thou, this store has the ultimate array of making a showpiece out of any gift. The boxes, ribbons, bows, giftwrap are of finest quality. My thought is don’t spend a lot of money on a gift to just toss in a gift bag. Be sure to make your gift shine even before they know what it is by presenting your valentine a beautifully wrapped gift.

WHERE TO SHOP THIS GIFT: The Container Store

ALTOIDS SMALLS – The color design of the container looks as thou it was created with valentine’s day in mind. Ideal to have on hand at work while conversing with clients and all the better to have on hand when you’re walking in the door to kiss your love. The small container of mini mints (yes is it that cute!!) is the right size to have at your disposal anytime you need to freshen your breath.

WHERE TO SHOP THIS GIFT: Local grocery or drug store

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