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Dining My Way Through Chicago

Between city and country living, I have the pleasure of enjoying some really incredible dining experiences. This past week my friend Kim came back to her hometown of Chicago and with several of our city friends we dined (and yes drank too!) our way around Chicago. On this week’s blog, I am highlighting two of our dining stops.

Whether it is a romantic date night or showing off the restaurant night life to an out-of-town guest, Volare & Maple and Ash are just two of the many exceptional dining experiences our city has to offer. On today’s blog, I share with you all why I say these are two “must dine in my mind” city stops.


Volare – Located in Streeterville, this restaurant ranks high up on my list of favorites. First and for most this is my beloved neighbor restaurant. A minute walk puts me right in the heart of Authentic Old-World Italian Dining. Volare (meaning “to fly” in Italian) is true Italian cuisine. When visiting, I suggest you try one of my two favorite dishes – Spaghetti Neri al Pesce and Gnocchi alla vodka.

Benny Siddu is the owner and founder of Volare. His gift for hospitality is what creates for the magic of this place. Each guest is warmly welcomed by Benny and his team. 

I’ll often visit Volare’s to meet up a friend for a weekday after hours drink or a family pasta night. I feel home every single time I am here and that is what makes Volare’s high on my list of favorite Chicago restaurants.

Volare is located at 201 E Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60611

Reservation: (312)410-9900

Open Daily 3-10PM


Maple & Ash – A traditional wood-fired steakhouse located in the Gold Coast of downtown Chicago, this restaurant exudes class. If you are trying to win a client deal or let your date know their special, this is the place to come.  Maple and Ash environment and guests are beautiful, fun and lively. With a focus on an elevated atmosphere and dining experience they do request a dress code of appropriate elegance to match their vibe.

Having only but the best dinner experiences at Maple and Ash, I can confidently say, whatever you order, you will absolutely enjoy. The menu offers everything from salads and starters to steak and seafood to butcher reserves, sides and desserts. I personally get a kick out of the menu creativity in offering an array of “ARM CANDY” and the I DON’T GIVE A F*@K – let us pick your food selection option for the evening.

Next time I come here, I am trying out their brunch menu because when in the city, weekend brunch is a must requirement for Monday morning office conversation. I’ll be sure to let you know how exceptional that brunch will turn out to be 😉 Until then, you need to pick one of your favorite people and go enjoy a memorable dining experience here at Maple and Ash.

Maple and Ash is located at 8 W Maple Street, Chicago IL 60610. Reservations required (312)944-8888 

Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner and Weekends include Brunch

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