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Lemons Literature and Lattes

Spring Break Season is here! That means it is time to relax and move at a slow pace and enjoy your day without the accompanying of school or business work. While flying on a plane or lying down at the beach, spring break is the perfect time to pick up a book and read! In my series, Lemons Literature and Lattes I am sharing with you two of my more recent favorite reads.  

The first is a more recreational enjoyment read and the other is more of an empowering life lesson read. If you are not the fan of holding a book in your hand, both of these books are available via audible.

First up, I share with you a book on a theme I know best – food. Taking place on Nantucket, three sisters are genuinely surprised to learn their grandmother owned a restaurant of which they now inherited with her passing.  Grandma of course has just one condition …. All three sisters must equally work there for the year and only after the year is up, are they then able to make the decision to keep or sell the restaurant.

The author draws in the reader in through the food, restaurant guests and employees as well as the local Nantucket vibe. Enjoyable as such is the relationship between the sisters of their childhood to the women they now are as adults. While already close, the sisters each live a very different lifestyle. Yet while working together, the sisters grow even closer and discover what made this restaurant a favorite to Nantucket.

Next up, New York Times Best Seller Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. This is a memoir of Matthew’s life experience and the lessons that came out of those experiences. I would highly recommend this book!! I learned a lot through his stories on how I might be able to better catch more greenlights in my own life.  To entice you to read this book, I am sharing a few of my personal favorite Matthew lines…

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