A Recipe a Week in 2022

If you read my first blog post of the new year, I shared how I want to be a little less predictable in 2022 – you know, rather than ordering the same dish at the same restaurant over and over I was going to switch things up. Rather than making those quick memorized dinners for my family, I want to surprise them with some unfamiliar homecooked meals. 

That is why I committed myself to making 52 NEW dinners for my family and friends! Yes, that is one new recipe every week. In 2022, I want to experience more first tastes and less familiar bites. I want that “OMG!” reaction that comes from a foreign bite hitting my tongue for the first time.

Come along with me, as I share how this cooking journey is going and what new recipes, I’ve made thus far in 2022.

I’ve spent the last month French Cooking with the delightful guidance of none other than Julia Child. I learned a few things from French cooking:

A Recipe a Week in 2022

All 5 dinner recipes I'm sharing come from this cookbook

Week 1: Coq Au Vin - Chicken and Wine

Week 2: Boeuf Bourguignon – Beef Stew in Red Wine, with Bacon, Onions and Mushrooms

Week 3: Côtes De Porc Sauce Nénette - Pork Chops with Mustard, Cream and Tomato Sauce

Week 4: Fondue De Poulet A La Crème – Chicken Simmered with Cream and Onions

Week 5: Poulet Sauté Aux Herbs De Provence & Purée De Pommes De Terre Á L ‘Ail

Chicken Sautéed with herbs and garlic, egg yolk and butter sauce & Garlic Mash Potato

French Cooking Tip …. Read the recipe completely through a few times before you start cooking. Treat the recipe like a story. By knowing the story, you are prepared and