The Gift of Music

As the holiday shopping season reaches the 10-day countdown, I’m sharing one of my favorite all time gift ideas with you. Not only is this a fun and unique gift that represents the giver, it is absolutely FREE and you don’t even need to leave your house to go purchase it. Now, before I share this gift idea, I want to tell you a little something about me.

Since the start of time (well ok more like the point in time I can remember my youth), I have always had a love for music. I had a great collection of what were known back in the day as cassette tapes. It was quite an array as I often ended up receiving 70’s music along side my requested music choice of Michael Jackson or Van Halen. My mom naturally thought I would certainly like the music that she listens to, because we all know how much kids listen to their mom’s music. Well, it turned out Barry Manilow and the Bee Gees were pretty bad ass after all! I would spend so much of my youth listening to music on my boom box or that really cool Walkman with those ever so soft headphones speakers that touched up to my ears as I wrap over my head that hip headpiece while making my way around the town.

My love of music carried over into playing the piano, it carried over into some good but mostly not so good attempts at vocal lessons, and eventually also into dance. As an adult it still is a strong heartbeat to most my days. From concerts, to long car rides to gym workouts and just about every meal spent cooking at our kitchen, I have music going in my ear quite a lot. Now it’s not the same Walkman anymore but rather is is with the cool sophistication that time has brought to us, as we can now listen to our music anytime, anywhere on the magical device called a cellphone. I can grocery shop to my own playlist of music by slipping those little air buds into my ear. Which takes me back now to this holiday gift idea for you!

Have you ever considered the magic of music?  Music truly has this magic ability to relive a moment in time. Music can pick you up in a down year like Covid. So, what better FREE gift to give to someone you care about this holiday season, then to create for them a playlist. A playlist is unique because it is a direct reflection of the music that has filled up many days within your one life. A personal playlist is so easy to make. 

Recipe for Creating a Music Playlist

When putting together a playlist I suggest the following tips ….

Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville TN

Country Music

Back four years ago, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary in Nashville. I entered that city as a total rookie to the country music industry, yet somehow Nashville has this way of converting everyone into a country music fan. As my weekend in Nashville came to an end, my days of listening to country music just came to a start. 

My gift I share with you today is my most overplayed Country Music Playlist I created. This playlist brings on every possible emotion one could know – but most of all it brings a smile to my face every.single.time - and I hope now to yours as well . Enjoy!

Country Music Fav

Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset – Luke Bryan

Doin’ What She Likes – Blake Shelton

Loving Arms – The Chicks

I Don’t Know About You  - Chris Lane

I Fall to Pieces – Patsy Cline

Just to See you Smile – Tim McGraw

Take Your Time – Sam Hunt

Beer Can’t Fix – Thomas Rhett

Without You – Luke Combs

What if I Never Get Over You – Lady A

Girl Crush – Little Big Town

What Ifs – Kane Brown

Your Gonna Miss This – Trace Adkins

Beautiful World- Kenny Chesney 

Best Concert I EVER attended - Thomas Rhett at The United Center in Chicago, September 2019