Simple Ways to Show Hospitaltiy

Hospitality … to some that is a very exhausting word and yet to others it is exhilarating word. Hospitality for some is an instinct. It is almost like a natural born gift and yet for others it takes a serious amount of effort.

One might suggest that being hospitable has to do with your personality. However, just because someone is an extrovert and loves being around others, doesn’t necessarily imply they love hosting people. In the same way an introvert may find joy in hosting others. 

Hospitality isn't just about hosting a social engagement. It represents a reflection of love as it involves serving. It extends to being a space that welcomes gatherings. Having the opportunity to show hospitality to someone is a gift that will long be remembered. As the late Maya Angelou said, “people will never forget how you made them feel.” With that in mind I want to share some simple hospitable tips that will make any guest feel welcome in your presence.

Hospitality should not be stressful. There are no set requirements to qualify for being a good hostess other than having the heart of serving others. The showstopper of a home vibe and the skill of being an incredible cook is nothing, if you lack the heart of joyfully serving your guests. My wish for you is this, that you may experience the joy that comes in serving others and when your guests leave your gatherings, may they know they were nourished in their body and soul through your hospitality