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Whole Food Plant Based Thanksgiving

Nov 21 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


AGE: Adults


This is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to incorporate some super simple recipes into your family’s next thanksgiving! Using whole foods, derived from plant-based will give people the feeling of optimal health through the worlds simplest ingredients. We will show the importance behind soaking, rinsing & how truly appreciating the foods that you use to prepare dishes with can make a big impact on flavor and digestion. Using some of the thanksgivings staples, we create plant-based dishes for everyone to try and will share recipes for you to incorporate on your own!

Formal sit-down dinner follows this semi hand-on/semi-demo cooking.

You'll Learn to Prepare:

  • Appetizer –   Gluten free biscuits served with a cranberry raspberry sauce
  • Main dish – Chili stuffed pumpkin 
  • Sides – Maple glazed carrots, green beans with fennel & tarragon, brussel sprout & kale salad w/ pecan parmesan
  • Deserts – Apple crumb pie, Chia pecan pie w/ chocolate caramel sauce, sweet potato brownies 

About Our Culinary Instructor:

Shawn Bork

Shawn Bork has been a fitness enthusiast dating back to the first time he took the football field as a 13-year-old. Completing multiple P90X programs and sport workouts, he developed his passion for Personal Training through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) as a certified personal trainer in 2017. From there he serviced a wide range of clients ranging from young athletes to some of the elderly generation. His goal was to make sure everyone knew proper form and felt comfortable working out on their own, yet still enjoyed working with Shawn because of his high energy and passion for making fitness fun! Starting his own PT business was a huge dream of his combining his 8 years as a chef and nutrition background with the fundamentals behind personal training, he followed a very simple mantra: Get fit in the gym, lose weight in the kitchen.

Shawn has been a chef for various restaurants and companies, mostly working with catering specialized dishes for sports teams, family weddings and birthday parties. Due to his weight, Shawn’s health took a wrong turn through his college years, leaving him susceptible to his family genes and dealing with early symptoms of prehypertension. Since then he has acquired the knowledge and certifications behind adopting whole foods, plant based (Vegan) lifestyle. He has since then kept off 60 lbs. naturally through the use of proper meal planning and varied sources of vitamins, minerals & amazing dishes! He now applies this to his personal training clients, when they want to improve on something in their diet, Shawn shows how simple it is to incorporate more veggies and cleaner sources of macronutrients. Taking another step forward, thanks to his amazing partner Leslie, has now adopted an oil free and mostly soy free diet. His family and friends have witnessed a remarkable change in the young man’s energy; who would splurge on anything in his parent’s kitchen or eat multiple plates of mac & cheese!