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You value experiences, sharing and learning, together.
Let us curate a fun, new experience just for you.

Lauren Brynjelsen

No one knows how to create a warm, inviting experience quite like Lauren! Knowing her passion and creativeness, she opened One Life Kitchen where she has helped others host events, learn new skills, and all around have a great time! Lauren, brings her “keep cooking simple” philosophy to the wine club by sharing personalized recipes to wine club members to pair with each month’s wines. Click the recipes tab above to view each of Lauren’s recipes every month.


Lauren and Miranda first met a few years ago soon after Lauren opened One Life Kitchen and quickly bonded over their shared love of cooking and Coldplay. Now they have teamed together to share their passion of creating and sharing high quality experiences with those around them to bring you the One Life Wine Club!

Miranda Gustafson

“Deep down I’m just a wine nerd, constantly striving to learn more, dreaming of the day I get to live on my farmette with my own mini biodynamic vineyard and baby goats running wild.”
Our in-house sommelier, Miranda, brings her extensive wine knowledge and passion for quality, small producers to the wine club, curating a selection of new wines for you to enjoy each month. Click the learn tab above to read and gain educational pieces of information about your wines each month.

What Makes Us Different?

Join us, learning and experiencing the world, one bottle of wine and one dinner at a time. 

We believe the best experiences start from the guest’s first thought and does not end until well after the day is over. This is why we put our all into every detail to be sure you have everything you don’t even know you need. The wines chosen for you are carefully thought through, always bringing you special, quality wines with quite the story to tell. One Life Wine Club strives to source from small and family-owned wineries; when you support us, not only do you support One Life Kitchen, you support local wine distribution workers, winemakers, harvest workers, and artists who design the beautiful labels on wine bottles. Together we create a unique experience for you – and together we thank you.